Market Snapshots: Cleaning Industry in Europe 2019

Since 2016 we publish between one and two market snapshots about the professional cleaning industry in Europe annually. Aim of these snapshots is to provide a quick overview (one slide per segment) about market developments and trends within the most important sub-segments. These are cleaning machines, cleaning equipment, cleaning chemicals and cleaning companies (BSC).

Data are generated by using an intelligent mix of desk research and expert interviews. Target group for the interviews are manufacturers, associations, dealers, consultants and cleaning companies. Around 50 interviews per snapshot are conducted. 

The market snapshots address the following subjects:

  • General trends and market development („What affects the industry?“)
  • Cleaning Machines (market volumes, sales channels, market development, currents trends and and buying criteria, estimation of market potential)
  • Cleaning Equipment (market characteristics, current trends and developments, criteria for buying decisions, estimation of market potential)
  • Cleaning Chemicals (market volumes, volume by market segment (cleaning companies, kitchen & food, OPL), main buying criteria, market potential current trends and developments)
  • Cleaning Companies (BSC) (market volumes, number of suppliers, market development, market potential, market characteristics, current trends and developments)

Available countries

  • Germany
  • Benelux (Netherlands and Belgium)
  • UK

Planned snapshots

  • France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, USA, Singapore, Russia etc.

Upon request, the market dossier can be purchased for 300.00 EUR VAT excluded. Alternatively, you can also choose our subscription for 550.00 EUR VAT excluded annually. Included in this price are two market snapshots in a minimum an all updates of existing snapshots.

Please send your inquiry to Michael Di Figlia, Senior Project Manager: 

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About DTO Research Cleaning Markets

We are the experts for market research and market analysis around cleaning products and cleaning machinery. Our service is dedicated to manufacturers, dealers and facility management companies which want to expand or improve their business based on valid market and customer insights. Due to our close cooperation with cleaning companies, facility management companies and cleaning experts we are able to generate information directly from cleaning machinery and cleaning product users.


About DTO Research

DTO Research is an international operating market research and consulting company with the focus on b2b and industry research. Our core competencies include the analysis of competitors, market potentials, customers and suppliers, trends and markets in over 100 countries worldwide. Besides doing the analytical framework, we assist our customers in planning and implementing market specific strategies for business improvements in existing markets as well as strategies to penetrate and cover new market potentials.


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